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Here are some of @JoeMantegna movies coming up.

Airheads - Sun StarzFamily
Alice - Mon EPIX
Cougar Club - Wed, Mon Showtime 3 East
Critical Condition - Thur Showtime 3 East, Fri Showtime 2 East
Lonely Street - Thu Encore Suspense
Things Change - Mon(2 showings) Encore Family


Now On LiveJournal

Rossi_sGirls is now on LiveJournal.  I wanted a place where everyone could post their works.  The first post there will explain everything.  Come on over.



Criminal Minds … “Hope” 7x08

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

wow Garcia!

 Not something I thought I’d ever see.

Damn It!

I was sitting at my computer at 12:51 this morning when suddenly, I hear a loud BOOM! and my apartment shakes.  I’m thinking explosion, right?  It was a freakin’ EARTHQUAKE!  I live in Oklahoma for frak’s sake!  We get tornadoes.  We’re not supposed to get earthquakes.